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City Sky

A New Standard in IT Security &                      Compliance

End to End Audit and Compliance Automation helps any industry redefine risk assessment and mitigation.

Our Vision

Be a Global Leader in developing and deploying smart and robust Audit and GRC solutions.



Presenting the Future of Audits eTHIC PROBE, a specialized system for Continuous Automated Audits. The Continuous Audits benefits in identifying non compliances at the earliest and there by reducing the risk the organization is exposed to. The risk is continuously assessed offsite. Results in better Governance, Enhanced Compliance Culture and Reduction in Audit costs

Versatility in Application

Automate end-to-end audit process with complete audit quality improvement & overall audit efficacy


To be a trusted partner for technology-led transformation that assists in strengthening the internal controls and bring about operational effectiveness through best in class solutions

Full Customer Experience Service

Tailored and Customized to meet Organizational Goals in Audit, and Compliance Management

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